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Half Polish / half Lebanese and made in Mexico. Always on a plane. Known for wearing a fanny pack. Z is our logistical mastermind.



Made in Egypt, and a wanna be latino. A firm believer of flip flops. Kimo ensures that The International runs 24/7 with his crazy sleep schedule.



Fine Honduran Export, Light Roast Blend. Catracho by heart & Scuba Diver by choice. Spreads the online international love.



Made in Peru. Night owl that colours outside the lines. Doesn’t know how to swim but goes for scuba dives.


Management Ambassador

I’m the Information technology wizard who also wets his whistle occasionally moonlights as an event planner.


Marketing Manager

Made in Syria! An unconventional science nerd with a huge addiction dancing. Hala lives for the sun and the summer- but ironically lives in the (almost) coldest place on Earth!


Marketing Ambassador

​Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia but been calling Canada home for 10 years. The one never ending school, she’s the one with the sass in the team and despite that, a sucker for baby and animal videos, music lover, and forever in love with the team.


Marketing Ambassador

Colombian but made in Canada. Always down to try new things. Her goal is to travel every continent before the age of 25. Loves to dance, whatever style. Will do anything for arequipe.


Marketing Ambassador 

Made on Ecuadorean soil .Find me getting lit in the Ottawa streets with the LS street team. Future Tokyo resident


Management Ambassador

Julia is the newbie on the Latin Sparks event management team. Highly caffeinated and constantly laughing, Julia spends her days consuming quality journalism, dancing ballet, and attempting to improve her Japanese.


Management Ambassador

Having lived in Lebanon, Canada, England and Spain, with travels across the world, Sandy’s identity is her experience. She’s obsessed with TED Talks, Latin music (despacito) and soap operas. Sandy skips when she walks, and sings when she talks..


Event Manager

Made in Ukraine, assembled in Canada with a tweak of Israel in between. Inna is not only crafty with her ideas, but with her hands too! This Latin-enthusiast puts words into actions and is never afraid to tell it how it is.


Applications are now closed for the 2017 season but don’t be shy to reach out. Send us an email to and tell us about yourself and the kind of experience you’re looking for. Until next year!

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